Launch of New Wasera Range


Fabulously stylish, this Japanese-designed 100% compostable range raises the stakes for single-use planet-friendly tableware. While the range is vast and varied, we are stocking the extra large square plate, medium round plate and tumbler for now.

Along with the little “wave” on each plate, there is a real rich texture to these sturdy plates and tumblers and they are perfect for hot or cold drinks and food.  This range is eminently suitable for a wedding or equivalent special event.

Thankfully, there is huge focus on climate change and everyone has to do their bit to help our planet survive. There are a lot more alternatives to single use plastics being developed all the time.  We hope to always be at the cutting edge of this progress and be able to bring you these products as soon as they emerge on the market.

If you have an event in mind, talk to us and we can source more of the range for you.

As always whatever you order from us here at Planet Sustie, we will include your compostable bag so that your zero waste party is even easier.  Just pop the used tableware and leftover food into the green compostable bag and deposit in your brown bin.

if you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us below.

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