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Sustainability at Planet Sustie

Here a Planet Sustie we engage with our suppliers regarding their packaging. There is nothing more frustrating being an eco-friendly party company than when a new order of stock arrives, to find it all wrapped in single use plastic or bubble wrap. When this happens we do phone our suppliers and ask them in the future not to send us any product wrapped in plastic. We have on occasion sent the plastic back to them for re-use or if that wasn’t possible we have recycled the plastic ourselves.

We have noticed however a number of suppliers are now becoming more aware of the single use plastic issue and are now wrapping their products in kraft paper which makes us smile! This makes it much easier for us to reuse all of the packaging we receive when sending out our deliveries!

All of our materials are sourced from sustainable food packaging specialists and all of our products are certified with EU Regulation EN 13432 which simply means they can all go into your brown bin for commercial composting.

Our napkin packaging and party bags are all made from PLA! What is PLA I hear you ask? Well the clever people at Natureworks LLC have make this bio plastic wrapping from cornstarch and is the ideal replacement for oil-based plastics.

So knowing how much care and thought we have already put into our packaging means you can rest easy knowing that we have done our best to send you your Planet Sustie products wrapped in sustainable packaging!

All of our products comply with EU Regulation EN 13432

We are a zero waste company – all of our products come from the earth and return to the earth

Because our products are compostable they will biodegrade into soil within a 3 month timeline


Our cups are 100% compostable and are double-walled and suitable for hot content.

Bagasse Plates and Bowls

Our plates and bowls are made using bagasse, a dry fibrous residue left after the sugar cane fibre has been pressed for juice. It is ideal for producing tableware due to its inherent strength and can be considered a tree-free paper. Being a waste material to start with means that this is a low impact option.

Cutlery and Napkins

The wood used in our cutlery is from sustainable forestry and suitable for use with all types of food which makes it ideal for our party packs.

Napkins are manufactured using 100% compostable paper pulp.

Compostable Bag

This sack breaks down naturally in industrial food waste recycling.


Our carry packs are made from sustainably sourced, sturdy kraft board and are completely compostable. Our larger boxes are already recycled and can be recycled again and reintroduced to the paper chain or else ripped up and put into the brown bin for commercial composting. The brown tape on outer packaging is a non-plastic, self-adhesive tape which may be left on boxes for recycling. – Please remove before putting in brown bin. Our labels are printed on 100% recycled paper, using vegetable ink and glued onto each pack with compostable glue (yes it does exist!)

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