Our Sustainability Commitment



We are a zero waste company. All of our products come from the earth and return to the earth



All of our tableware products are 100% compostable.  When deposited in a brown bin they will decompose in an industrial composting plant within twelve weeks


Zero Waste

We make every effort to ensure that we keep our carbon footprint as small as possible.  We are continuing to look at ways of lower this all the time. 

All our packaging and labelling is sourced from like minded companies and all of our products are certified with the EU Regulation EN13432 which is the designated regulation for composting.  This means that the products should be deposited in the brown bin after use with the leftover food and both with decompose within twelve weeks in an industrial composting plant.


We Love a Sustainable Party!

The packaging for our fun and eco-friendly napkins and compostable party bags are all made from PLA, a biodegradable and compostable bioplastic. Natureflex makes our bioplastic wrapping from cornstarch, and it’s the perfect replacement for the oil-based plastic wrappers and party bags that clutter landfills.

Our biodegradable party balloons are manufactured from natural latex, a material made from water and rubber. The rubber tree isn’t harmed by the extraction of rubber, making this natural wonder a 100% renewable resource. 

Our celebration bunting is locally made from 100% cotton exclusively for Planet Sustie by our talented friend, Breda O’Brien. Our bunting isn’t just a party piece, it’s a hand-crafted keepsake that will bring happiness to any room. It is a timeless piece that can be used again and again.

We love a sustainable party, and our environmentally friendly party bags, our sustainable party bag fillers and our eco-friendly party decorations make it possible.  In addition to being fun and engaging, you’ll find that our party bag filler pencils, stamps and notepads are made from FSC wood as well as being fun party gifts that encourage play and creativity in the little ones.  

And finally, our very popular party tableware range offers just the right 100% compostable materials for every need and is perfect for eco-friendly BBQs, parties, schools and business events. We offer eco-friendly birch cutlery; 100% compostable palm leaf plates; extra sturdy bagasse bowls and plates made from environmentally friendly sugarcane fibre.


We Love to Reuse!

We expect the same commitment to the environment from our suppliers that we expect from ourselves. It is frustrating opening a new order of stock to find it all wrapped in single use plastic or bubble wrap. When this happens, we ask that company not to use any single use packaging in our future orders. In some cases this is not possible yet as the technology and machinery is not yet capable of servicing the supply chain in this way but advances are being made every day to fix this.  We always recycle our packaging and have even on occasion sent plastic back to suppliers for reuse. We’re proud of the part we’ve played in helping our suppliers become more aware of the single use plastics issue, and the changes we see towards sustainable packing make us smile!

Our zero-waste supply chain commitment doesn’t just cover what our suppliers send to us; it includes how we send to you. Our goal is to re-use 100% of the packaging we receive. That means that whenever possible, your delivery ships to you packed with kraft paper or shipped in boxes we’re reusing to reduce waste. When we do deliver your order packed in new materials, you’ll find your delivery in recyclable paper or cardboard packaging, cushioned with recycled kraft paper, and your receipt printed on recycled paper.  We use a compostable tape to seal our boxes.  Sometimes you might even receive your order in a cornflakes box!
We put as much care and thought into our Planet Sustie packaging as we put into our Planet Sustie products. We hope knowing how much love goes into your order means you can feel good about your party and our planet!

Our mission is to offer our customers whether businesses, schools or individuals an online platform to source sustainable solutions from a range of top quality, EU regulated tableware that won’t cost the earth.

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