White Paper Bags for Party Fillers (10 Pack)


White paper bag suitable for all your party bag fillers edible or not.

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White Paper Bags for Party Fillers (10 Pack)

This pack of 12 white paper bags are made from 100% recycled paper. They have sturdy twisted rope handles.

This bag is big enough so when you have added your party bag gift(s) there will be room for the bag of popcorn etc to fit into it too.

We have lovely buff tags which can be tied on to the handle of this bag to either say thank you or to have the name of the recipient on the bag.

Ideal for ...

Roomy bag with lots of space for all the goodies

Budget Friendly

Each bag measures 18cm x 23cm x 12.5cm.

All of our tableware products comply with EU Regulation EN 13432

We are a zero waste company – all of our products come from the earth and return to the earth

Because our products are compostable they will biodegrade into soil within a 3 month timeline


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