Bagasse 9″ Plate (20 Pack)


White bagasse plates, 100% compostable

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Bagasse 9″ Plate (20 Pack)

Our 9” inch bagasse plate is made from recycled sugar cane fibre. They are studier than paper plates and are suitable for hot, cold, oily or wet foods. These plates are perfect for any family gathering and are fully compostable in your brown bin. Once your party or special event is over, pop your plates along with all the food waste into your complimentary green bag and place in your brown bin. What could be simpler than that, no washing up and a stress free event!

Bagasse is waste left over after extracting juice from sugarcane and its properties make it perfect as a paper base.

Why not try out these plates for your next event – they are budget friendly, eco friendly and planet friendly!

Eco Friendly
Ethically Stylish

A sturdy plate that will make your party food taste and look good.

Budget Friendly

All of our tableware products comply with EU Regulation EN 13432

We are a zero waste company – all of our products come from the earth and return to the earth

Because our products are compostable they will biodegrade into soil within a 3 month timeline

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