Birthday Train With Numbers


A wooden birthday candle train in pastel colours

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Birthday Train With Numbers

Lovingly painted in pastel colours, this train drives between presents and the cake. With its five train cars into which a total of four wooden candles and birthday numbers from 1 to 6 can be inserted. All train cars can be individually separated and put back together however you want. A real eye-catcher on the birthday table!

This birthday train is suitable for boys and girls.

If your children are very small, this is a good and budget friendly investment when they are young as you will have it to put up for every birthday.

Ideal for ...

Ideal for any children’s party – girls or boys

Item to treasure

Ideal as an investment piece that can be taken out year after year


Assembled train approx. 56 x 6 x 7 cm



Planet Sustie for all your planet-friendly party needs.




Everything you need for a small family birthday celebration.  





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