Birch Spoons Large (10 Pack)


Compostable Birch Spoons

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Birch Spoons Large (10 Pack)

Our birch spoons are a super alternative to plastic cutlery. Each spoon is beautifully made, is sturdy and perfect for any occasion. They are all made from a natural wood and every tree which is used is regrown.

Our birch cutlery is suitable for children or adults and will look great on any party table.

The cutlery is 100% compostable

Eco Friendly
Ethically Stylish

A compostable dessert spoon with style

Budget Friendly

All of our tableware products comply with EU Regulation EN 13432

We are a zero waste company – all of our products come from the earth and return to the earth

Because our products are compostable they will biodegrade into soil within a 3 month timeline


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