9oz Slim PLA Cold Cup

9oz PLA cups are suitable for any occasion and can be used for cold drinks only



9oz Slim PLA Cold Cup


Pack of 10 Party Cups

This 9oz paper cup is designed for cold drinks and is 100% compostable.  It is also suitable for any occasion.  At the end of the party empty out the excess liquid and pop into our complementary green compost refuse bag along with the waste food and other Planet Sustie tableware and deposit in your commercial brown bin.  

Take them on a picnic, take them to your hen party, engagement part, school event or business gathering – they are suitable for all occasions.  

100% Compostable

This product can be disposed of in your commercial brown bin.

Easy to use

This cup is handy for any party


Suitable for cold drinks only

All of our products comply with EU Regulation EN 13432

We are a zero waste company – all of our products come from the earth and return to the earth

Because our products are compostable they will biodegrade into soil within a 3 month timeline

Planet Sustie for all your planet-friendly party needs.

Prices include VAT at 23%. VAT Registration Number: IE 3569775RH


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