7″ White Round Bagasse Plate (20 Pack)


7″ White Round Bagasse Plate This plate is the equivalent of a side plate at the dinner table. It is suitable for hot, cold, oily and wet foods. It will not “seep” like an unrecyclable and uncompostable paper plate making it ideal for a zero waste party.

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7" bagasse plate is made from recycled sugar cane fibre. These plates are sturdier than paper plates in that they are suitable for hot or cold food and will not "seep" like paper plates. They are perfect for family gatherings and are fully compostable in your brown bin. Dispose of the used plates with the waste food in your brown bin. Bagasse is waste left over after extracting juice from sugarcane and its properties make it perfect as a paper base. Give these a try at your next eco friendly, budget friendly event.


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