We have added three new products to the site today.  It is great for us to be able to offer you palm leaf which is the most natural of eco ware to date.  In September at Airfield Food Festival we had samples of the palm leaf plates and people were fascinated and dying to get their hands on them.

Ideal for a picnic, a stylish barbecue or popping next door with a few slices of cake palm leaf will add a really nice touch.

Being eco-friendly doesn’t have to be dull with our palm leaf tableware.  Each piece is unique having fallen from the tree and then moulded into shape.  Only fallen leaves are used.  Their colour and thickness vary as they are completely natural.  Use them for barbeques, picnics, parties of any shape or size even weddings.  Put them into your green compost bag and/or straight to your commercial brown bin.  There is no better way to utilise nature’s gift of fallen leaves.

We will continue to add products that we have researched in great detail once we are sure that they are Planet Sustie.

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