Roisin and I wanted to update you a little on what has been happening with Planet Sustie in the last few weeks.  2019 came in with a bang and we were ready for it (although slightly sluggish in the early days of the New Year!).  We listened to what you, our customers had to say, discussed it over the Christmas holidays and then hit the ground running.

Sarah at @Ontheballpa, my lovely sister-in-law is working away on a new look for the website with lots of additional material being added.

We are expanding the product range in stock.  This is something that we will continue to do.  We are constantly trying to source compostable products and will bring you all the details on these as soon as they are in place.

We supplied some businesses with their partyware for their Christmas parties and will be updating the website to offer a range for businesses and corporate events.

Schools was an area that we felt strongly about attracting as many many schools around the country are going plastic-free.  We have already been talking to schools who are planning their communion, confirmation and graduation events in the coming months.  We have had orders from schools already which is so heartening.

We recently fulfilled orders for two upcoming hen parties.  It is so great that every generation is thinking about the planet now and thinking at a different level when making purchases.  The hens have promised us pics so we will share when we get them.  We were so delighted with this because we had always envisaged that Planet Sustie would be the one stop shop for any party.

There are lots more events we will be able to help you with very soon like baby showers, hen parties, barbeques, picnics so please hang in there with us and we will help you to love the planet one party at a time.

As always, we depend on your feedback to improve and guide us so we are all ears.  Thank you for your ongoing support.

Be Planet Sustie

Claire and Roisin


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