About Planet Sustie

About Us

Roisin Carroll and Claire O’Caoimh have been friends for over 20 years. Between us we have seven children and two dogs.  We have hosted numerous children’s parties over the years and the amount of waste generated by those awful plastic cups and plates was killing us.  We consoled ourselves as we “recycled” dirty plastic plates and cups via our green bins.  To our horror we then realised we were actually contaminating the entire green bin waste by doing this. We had a light bulb moment and made it our mission to supply 100%  compostable plastic free materials for parties. The idea is simple: everything contained in your order, together with the food waste from the party, can be put into the green compostable refuse sack (supplied with the pack) and then placed directly into your brown bin for commercial composting – giving you peace of mind and an environmentally guilt-free party!

The Story So Far …

Since we launched Planet Sustie in September 2018 Roisin and I have been on a journey which has taken us in directions we had never even considered. On launch day in Airfield Food Festival Zero Waste Zone we were approached by SuperValu.  Selling to a multinational wasn’t in our initial plan but we are delighted to be on the shelves in Churchtown and Mount Merrion.  SuperValu are very encouraging to local start-ups and it certainly was a great start for us.

From that day in September we were bowled over by the interest and support towards us.

We are still juggling the busy life of seven children, two dogs and two full time jobs but we are enjoying every minute of it. Despite how busy it is and how difficult it is to run a small business, we are always sustained by the fact that people want to choose products that are zero waste. We are very proud of ourselves that we have made this happen and we are determined to make it a continued success.

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