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For the party season we have our range of partyware which is perfect for any gathering or occasion over the holidays. For adults or children the party packs will have everything you need to have a party without the food of course! Whether it’s a gathering with friends or family, a walk in the woods or up the mountains, you can bring our products with a flask of hot chocolate and keep warm and toasty. Our 14oz cups are double walled and so suitable for hot and cold drinks.

Our packs are 100% compostable and we even provide the green compostable bag to put the partyware and food in. All of this goes into your commercial brown bin.

We wish all of our customers a happy and healthy Christmas and let’s hope that those baby steps that we have taken so far to reduce plastic in our lives will continue to go from strength to strength in 2019.

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Increasingly, families are becoming more environmentally aware and understand the extreme harm that plastic pollution is causing.  They are making changes to reduce the use of plastic in their everyday lives.  A plastic free party is one small step in that direction while also helping children to be conscious of the everyday items we use and their impact on the environment.  Choosing to buy planet friendly products sets a good example to our children.

Check out our new and exciting party bag fillers and party accessories.  We have just added lots of little colourful fillers for party bags.  Now you can order your party pack, your party bag and your fillers all in one place.


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In our packs you will find everything you need to host a fun children’s party.  You can choose from packs of 12, 20 or 32 place settings.

12 Pack Party Box
for a standard party

20 Pack Party Box
for the slightly larger party

32 Pack Party Box
ideal for a full class party

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December News

it's a busy time of the year for everyone and here at Planet Sustie we are no different.  We are busily working away at getting orders out to ensure that everyone has as sustainable as possible Christmas gathering.  We are supplying companies with their partyware for...

New additions

We are delighted to now be able to offer you some very cute wooden toys for party bag fillers.

November News

November News   Hi Everyone, It has been almost three months since we landed and it has been a whirlwind. Roisin and I were a bit reticent about setting our “baby” free and seeing how the world would react to it.  We didn’t need to worry.  We got a super reaction –...

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